September 12, 2009

When all else fails-try using immature pranks and farting

Update: Hey friends-I was Googling something about Glenn Beck, when I came across a really great blog with a really funny, wish-I had-thought-of that-one-for-my-blog-name: New World Odor(!) New World Odor This blog is done by a cool guy named Paul Sonderman. Please check it out for all things informative, humorous and of course, progressive...uhhm...but not that fascist kind of progressive, Glenn!

Just happened to come across these while making my usual rounds within Youtube. Yes these are silly, teenaged (hell, maybe even less than teenaged!)pranks and jokes, but dammit they're pretty funny when you've just had a s#%# week, and its WEEKEND TIME!
These two videos are from the collection of pranks and jokes on the Youtube channel- These guys have a huge collection of silly pranks like hidden camera pranks, including prank calls, parodies, and stuff like these two videos.

Pranks like this are something I have always wanted to do but have not. Why? Because my wife would probably pinch the hell out me and give me hell for doing it, and we are ordering food, so...I don't want anything to be...uhmm added to that food. I have asked for a large pizza at McDonalds and ordered a competitor's burger at these joints but no more than that!

Ok-I know this is gross, but the reactions on the people's faces are funny, and hey-it's a human condition alright!? These aren't even real. It's some kinda fart machine or something.


Some Guy said...

These both had me laughing. Thanks!

Micgar said...

Hey Chris! Thanks for stopping by! Glad these gave you some laughs!

Distributorcap said...

nothing like a fart joke

Micgar said...

Hi Dcap! It works all the time!

Anonymous said...
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