August 4, 2009

Hot, sweaty comedy

In looking at my Sitemeter readings, I have noticed that many people click on this link:
. In fact, this link is the most popular, and has been for months. It's probably because this post has a link to a blog that has lots of photos of celebrities sweating. Yeah, that's it.
What, are you kidding me!? Are you f'n nuts!? It's because of those hot, sweaty photos of Ashanti. Yeah, tell you what, I have clicked on that link "just to check if there is any comments"-a lot!
Seeing this clip from Lev Yilmaz' Tales of Mere Existence made me think of that old post!

I thought this guy (Jimmy Carr) was funny on The Tonight Show.


*I added The Good Kentuckian to my blog links. I mentioned TGK, and Liberals Must Die a while back . This is a great blog folks. There is, apparently, a gentleman angry at the authors of this blog! This person-"Jay" wrote: "you should be ashamed to call yourself Christians, Americans, or Kentuckians, none of these three groups want people like you." He didn't get it. he started his own "The Real Good Kentuckian" lol! TGK is sarcasm, parody-buddy! Oh well- check it out! Very, very funny-irreverent comedy.


WendyB said...

There's another Wendy Brandes in New York. It would be interesting if she started a blog called "The REAL Wendy Brandes."

Micgar said...

There is?! There's also another Anne Altman also! Hey Wendy! I know you're the real Wendy!