April 27, 2009

Too busy to do much but these are great!

This site is similar in nature to Jon Swift's great site-but this is Jon Swift in overdrive! Funny! The Good Kentuckian.
I think I had found a link for The Good Kentuckian through Crooks and Liars, then found a link for Liberals Must Die. LiberalsMustDie.com Can't remember. I just know that both these blogs are pretty good!
Pretty funny stuff-and there are lots of posts to choose from! The tags alone are pretty funny.

*Don't forget to check out these two blog's links to more craziness!


Moderator said...

I swear, the old-timey English Jonathan Swift was doing satire blogs long, long long before it was cool.

Micgar said...

Yes-and that was some satire too! Jon did have a way with words!

Distributorcap said...

i always know where to find the good stuff - from you

Micgar said...

Dcap-glad I could help! I'm always looking for stuff someone may have not seen that's good!