March 9, 2009

Maximum enjoyment! It's dirty!

From now on, I will feature only Max Blumenthal videos. Hah! No, really, I wish I could! The guy is that good! I subscribe to his Youtube site mblumenthal and I don't miss a clip! He's great! I love the way he infiltrates wingnuterydom, and comes back to camp, with some of the funniest clips in "right wingers say the darnedest things history! Here are a couple from the recent 2009 CPAC convention. Priceless!
Found this first one at, which is a great site for interesting news, opinion and other stuff!

This is one bad rapper! And I mean BAD! Like in the shitty, f'd up sense!

I'd like to get really, really dirty with Nadine. Not the kind of dirty she talks about in this vid, but the "real" dirty! This clip is so dirty, it's nasty. It's so nasty, it's obscene! Dirty!

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