February 1, 2009

For those of you not watching the Superbowl

Hey friends. Sorry I haven't been around to even look and comment on your blogs. I've been pretty busy at work and I have been in a big slump anyway.

My wife has a new little post on her jewelry blog Lucindas Charms. Check it out!

Well, here goes. I love musical comedy, and jokes about holier than thou creeps, and this one does both-wonderfully! And it's topical too! *Update: Jeeesu-uhh yeah...uhmm..I forgot to mention that this great comic's name is Roy Zimmerman! He's funny, progressive, and a pretty good player too!

I'm not a Superbowl person at all. In fact, I don't even watch football too much. (I am a basketball fan)I usually like regional or Pacific Coast teams from Arizona and California in any sport over those from the Midwest or back East. (Hey Duke, and the ACC and the Big 10 are always in the Final Four or championship of something so what the hell!) This year though, I am gonna root for Pittsburgh. I probably would like Arizona, but their quarterback is just too much! I don't know how anyone could play alongside this guy! He would get on my nerves! Probably every play he does a prayer or some kind of admonition to repent!
Can you imagine?! "21-16-repent-and-receive-eternal-salvation-from-Christ, and hike!"
And then he worries about them going to hell-(see below) Dumbass!
Who are you rooting for in the Superbowl? I figure most of you are rooting for the Steelers?

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lisahgolden said...

The super what?

Screw that! I'm going shopping over at Lucinda's!