October 7, 2008

Jerome Corsi deported from Kenya-the (real) true story!

It has been reported on the Fox website that author Jerome Corsi has been deported from Kenya. Kenya Reportedly Deports American Author of Anti-Obama Book. Actually, the reasons that the story insinuates are just not the case. (Whoa! Fox News' reporting isn't accurate?!)

Some are reporting that Corsi was thrown out due to his recently published book, "Obama Nation-Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality. Obama's father is a Kenyan and some feel that the anti-Obama book is inflammatory to Kenyans.

Well, I have the real story on this. It's not due to the book and its anti-Obama rhetoric. It's due to the gas. The gas you say? What gas?! This is part of the story I brought to you a couple of months ago These revelations are noxious!

Other sources are saying that Corsi's grammaticist, Ted (Corsi will not give his last name due to "security reasons") is still having a lot of problems with what Corsi described in his book as "human gas." It seems Mr. Corsi is also having problems with foul odors emanating from his person in addition to Ted.

Joseph Angwenyi, a Kenyan police officer, reported that both Corsi and Ted were causing a "ruckus" in a small restaurant. "Some of the restaurant's patrons kept smelling something most foul" Angwenyi said through an interpreter. "The people kept smelling this horrible smell. As some walked near the table where Corsi and Ted were seated, they noticed that was the smell's strongest point." "It was them." (meaning Corsi and Ted) "They were giving off a sulfur-like smell...it was overpowering!" So overpowering was the stench that Corsi and Ted were asked to leave the restaurant. Soon after, due to the continuing "odor issues" at their hotel, they were politely asked to leave the country.

In response to the question that Corsi and Ted were asked to leave due to the book, Angwenyi replied, "No! Absolutely not! Kenyans do not concern themselves with comic books, or the rantings of those who are obviously unstable." "What Kenyans are concerned with is having clean, fresh oxygen to breathe." "These two individuals were actually making Kenyan citizens sick with their foul odors." "Sulfur." "Mr. Corsi and the other person, were literally engulfing anyone within a 10-15 foot radius with sulfur-like gas smells." "Let me personally say that I have never smelled such a horrible, disgusting odor in my life!" "No bathroom-probably in the world-has ever experienced the putrid smell that those two unleashed!"

So, the moral of the story is, if you want the real story on some issue, whether that be the Presidential election, the economy, politics, or some right wing nut jobs causing a stink in Kenya, don't trust Fox News! Trust me!

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Distributorcap said...

if it takes a fart......


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Finally, something credible and more substantial than what we had heard so far. I am so tired of conspiracy theories on this subject.

Chuck Butcher said...

The link finally linked, it wouldn't go yesterday. Thanks for stoppin by my place, courtesy of Jon Swift.