August 16, 2008

These revelations are noxious!

Recently, a new book written by Jerome Corsi-The Obama Nation-Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality was published. This incendiary book seeks to blow the lid off the Obama popularity and attraction that is rampant across our nation. There are many strong accusations and assertions contained within the book. Here are a few excerpts:

  • Ted, my spellchecker and grammaticist and I were walking just behind the Hussein-Obama entourage as he moved about, shaking hands with admirers and well-wishers. I caught a whiff of something, smelled like human gas. I am not entirely sure, as Ted insisted it wasn't him who 'let one go', but I think it was Hussein-Obama .

  • A really mean Secret Service agent told Ted and I to 'get the hell outta here, now!' and 'Didn't I tell you once to get the hell outta here!?" I think that is mean on the Hussein-Obama camp's part. To deny American citizens the right to view, question and yell at-(we were placed so far away and had to yell!) a Presidential candidate!

  • We were physically assisted away from the Hussein-Obama residence due to the illegal and Soviet-style restraining order. We were told by a Secret Service agent "Hey! The order says that you are not to come within 200 feet of the Obama family, do you understand me!?" I fear for this great nation when investigators seeking the truth like myself can't root through people's garbage.

  • Observed Barack Hussein (yes-I will use his full name or at least his middle and last name for this book, thank you!) Obama putting an empty plastic water bottle in a recycling receptacle. The way he tossed it in there was...uhh ..I don't know...kinda...strange.

  • During another Hussein-Obama speaking event, I again smelled human gas. I again questioned Ted about this. Yes, he was directly in front of me and yes, he and I had just ate an enormous meal at Grandy's but, I know, in my heart of hearts that it was Hussein-Obama.

  • Ted and I had a long, long drive to the next Hussein-Obama speaking engagement. I kept smelling something, something horrible! It was stuck in my nasal cavities. I knew that I was just smelling the seething and frothing impudence (Ted gave me that line!) of the American political process going down the sewer as Americans fawn, fret and sway (yes-that one has Ted all over it) over a candidate that is unfit for command. A Muslim, I kinda think.

  • Hussein-Obama didn't even look at me today. Although he is more than 200 feet away. It's hard to see someone's eyes from that distance, especially when they are devious, and possibly gas-emitting Muslims like Hussein-Obama!

  • I woke up in a cold sweat in our hotel room last night. I had the worst nightmare! I dreamt that I was suffocating in a cloud of noxious fumes. The fumes could best be described as sulfur-like. Well, when I awoke, I was at first really in a daze, and I turned to Ted who was in the twin bed next to mine and said, 'Wha! What is that!? I can't breathe! I can't breathe! It's that smell again!' and Ted just replied 'hey Jer, just go back to sleep, it's...nothing...nothing at all...ok.' And then I heard Ted roll over and mumble something about eating too much roast and his stomach hurt or something. Maybe Hussein-Obama is trying to poison us!

More revelations from Obama Nation may come at another time!

Here is the 2nd part of the glimpses into Corsi's Obama Nation Cultish Comedy

This 'toon- (drawn by me) really stinks. (click on it-if you dare-to enlarge)

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MC said...

Are those real excerpts... because if they are and not just penned with comedic effect by you... holy crap, that guy is a dingbat.

Micgar said...

Matt-I have been sworn to secrecy by Corsi and Lt Knl Flagg to not divulge my sources!