April 19, 2008

I remember when...

This is Lonesome George's Article on Lonesome George take on recent world events.
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Been meaning to post some Emo Phillip's stuff, but I keep forgetting! I like him. I hear him on XM comedy all the time and when I 'm driving alone I have to always pretend I'm coughing or something, lest someone driving next to me think I'm a friggin' nut-laughing all by myself!
What a unique style this guy had! Sometimes you are listening to his labored, breathy delivery (I guess that's how you could describe it!) and you have to sit there and think about the twist he is making. Not to mention his look! Here's a few clips.

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Unknown said...

I tagged you. I hope you have fun with it.

SouthLoopScot said...

Liked the Tortoise, but I can't stand Emo Philips! Oh well, each to his own. :)

Micgar said...

t&a-I know-i like him but he is one of those comedians that i probably could not have a CD of his stuff. Like Gilbert Gottfried.
Glad you liked Lonesome George!