March 23, 2008

Statesmanship and stupidity

Now that I have a little more time to post stuff, being on Spring Break, I haven't really been in the mood, and the ideas have been on "low." Real low! I had this Jimmy Carter thing in my "drafts" folder for a while and finally decided to post it, since I'm "fresh out." Its a bit of commentary on our current state of affairs by our former President, Jimmy Carter (who I always liked a lot). He's madder than hell about the things going on in our country! He tells us about how we really didn't know how good we had it with him in office compared to the jerk we have now! This little speech is inspiring! It's also very, very profane! Hey-who am I to censor a former President's ire!

This other thing is something I debated posting... Oh well, I'm gonna post it. When I am not reading blogs, commenting on blogs or doing my blog, I enjoy looking at clips on Youtube. I seem to be able to find a lot of cool rock videos, comedian videos and political clips that are interesting. Well, this being America-where there is a great marketplace of ideas, on Youtube I sometimes find clips that are not at all enjoyable-stuff that is racist, ignorant, homophobic and crap that's as far right as you can go. Well, in addition to watching videos, I also like leaving sarcastic comments on the crappy video people's clips, just to get them mad-show that I'm here (like they do to the people who post stuff that is opposite of their political and cultural viewpoint). Hey, that's why there's comments right?! I never use foul language, or threaten or curse anyone-I just like to give my opinion of their stupid, crappy video. Minutemen, Save Our State, etc., clips, people who think Bill O'Reilly is God, and just general wingers are fair game if I happen to come across stuff like that. ( is another "forum" for ideas!-lots of righties there!)

Recently, I came across such a video. In it- here is the link for the vid: democratic tree hugger -some young men come across a young women's car outside of a business, and since there are anti-war, anti-Bush and "liberal" bumper stickers on her car, they get out their camcorder and accost her as she comes out of the business and ask her why-why does she have those awful bumper stickers?! They tell her if she doesn't like our country, she can get the fuck out!

Now, I think this is one of the most stupid things I have ever seen. Someone getting questioned about their bumper stickers by complete strangers, while being filmed with a camcorder, when they come out a store, bank, or whatever is the height of idiocy. Of course its not illegal. I know that. Its just really, really dumb. Something some dumb high school kids, or some dumb frat boys would do. Anyway, I have been leaving some comments for this little turd and my latest has not been responded to. (I am "Icitnow"-actually the "author" of the clip responded to one of my comments and he didn't seem to realize I was being facetious!)

Here are some screenshots of the comments section. The only thing I regret-I forgot to put an "a" in that last comment about the party! Dammit! I want to be grammatically correct when I'm delivering an insult to some dumbass!

*Lastly-I always try to leave the political stuff to those who do it well Distributor Cap, Monkey, Some Guy and Jon Swift. Well, I just had to say-my governor, Bill Richardson did something I am proud of. He endorsed Barack. It took him a while to make his decision, and with all the courtin' he was getting from Bill C, and his ties to the Clinton presidency, I think its a brave, and great decision he made! Hell, I think it would be great for him to be the VP! Now, that would be some diplomacy!

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SouthLoopScot said...

Boy Jimmy has gotten a bit salty inn his old age! :)

I left those DOUCHE BAGS a message. I gave them a spelling lesson while I was there. ( See if you can spot it) :)

Micgar said...

Hey t&a: yes, Jimmy's has gotten mighty R-rated hasn't he! Wow! You really told those guys! Damn! I was thinking though that those little creeps deserve this shit-they filmed her license plate-she could possible be harassed with that knowledge(?)

Micgar said...

Grant-yeah I know-those guys are just cowards-I think. Hey where were you!? We all want to know!