September 12, 2007

Some quick thoughts

I 've got music on my mind right now with all the stuff about the MTV VMA's. I can't stop thinking about how music has changed. I know this makes me sound old, but I remember when music, even pop music seemed to be more meaningful. Don't get me wrong, there are some great artists out there who put out some good music that makes you think while you are jamming, grooving, or dancing to their music, but some of the people at the VMA's this year are poor excuses for talent.

I used to really like rap a lot in the days of Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, KRS-One, ErikB and Rakim, and of course my favorite rap group, Public Enemy. I don't see any of the same insight and deep thinking and even good beats nowadays that I heard from the "old" rappers. Maybe Common, Mos Def and a few others but many rappers seem to be of the "bling" variety-

Like this a-hole.

From his claim to fame as a "player," the ridiculous throwing money thing (which nearly caused his fans to electrocute themselves recently: self-aggrandizing himself for being a thug with bullet holes, and his defense of Bush during the Katrina disaster

I think this guy is a not even worth one cent.

I first thought Kanye West was a little different, but this guy is such a damn crybaby! What a whiner. And those dumb sunglasses!

Here's a couple of singer parodies that you might find amusing


SouthLoopScot said...

I love it when Mad TV does these faux videos!
Kanye and 50 are hacks!

Micgar said...

American Scot-yeah those guys are losers huh? I will put more vids up like those later.