August 25, 2007

A few vids, a few comics, and a few comedians

Saw this and had to put it on. Its just too weird! Some Finnish musicians doing "YMCA"!

Another "this can't be real!" clip: Pole Dancing lesson mishap - Watch more free videos

Funny Family Guy clip

Ha ha! This guy sounds like the outgoing message on our answering machine! Funny clip about how abbreviations on the Internet can be hilarious!

Tony Carrillo's F Minus strip for 8-21-07

Ted Nugent is appearing in ABQ tonight. Just saw what the jerk said at a recent concert in Anaheim from American Scot You know, as I was growing up, learning how to play guitar, I kinda liked Nugent. He was (and I guess still is) a pretty good guitarist. Somewhere along the line though, he transformed into this raging, crap-spewer that I can't stand. I will not listen to his music because of his extreme views on most everything. Even the old stuff. So, in honor of Nutcase Nugent live in concert here in my own town, here is a little cartoon. We can only dream...thanks, American Scot for the idea!

Speaking of rock and roll, I was listening to some old Sabbath and thought of this clip that has been around for a while but, I thought I'd put it on in commemoration of good ol' rock and roll!

Another speaking of rock and roll clip-here's the legendary Bill Hicks talking about today's state of rock and roll. I was going to post Bill's infamous Rush Limbaugh audio clip, but maybe some other time. It's pretty hardcore. Gotta think about that one!

A classic Richard Pryor clip about prisons, murderers, and other stuff!

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SouthLoopScot said...

Thanks for the shout out!
Love the Ted Nugent cartoon, It's brilliant!

Micgar said...

Thanks! It kinda fell into my hands with his lyrics and all!

Some Guy said...

I'm a huge Bill Hicks fan. I got to see him live at a small comedy club in Chicago before he died. It was incredible. There were only like 20 people there.

Micgar said...

American Scot: yeah, what a nutcase Nugent is huh?! I think he's getting more and more unhinged!

Chris: Bill Hicks was introduced to me somewhere on the internet-I forget where-by way of the Rush Limbaugh skit! From then on I have loved every thing the guy ever did! I liked that he wasn't afraid to take a stand on controversial issues. Too bad he went so early!

MC said...

I first knowingly heard Bill Hicks on the tail end of one of those CD's that Uncut magazine gives away with the issue. He was very, very good.

Micgar said...

MC: yeah Bill was a great comedian-he just let it all hang out. I wonder what he would be saying about our present times???Hmmmm