July 21, 2007

Comedy can be magic and sometimes it can turn you into a Dick!

Do you all remember Mystery Science Theater 3000? That was one of my favorite shows! When I used to ask other people about the show, they almost always said they either didn't like it, or just didn't get it. Oh well, its an acquired taste I guess. I guess I liked it because that's exactly what we would do when we were teenagers-make fun of corny old films! It was so fun and easy! I guess on a certain level, when Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot screened one of those training type shorts from the '50's, there was a bit of dissecting of that ultra-white bread, staid, idyllic and ultimately fantasy family image along with the comedy. I think these were probably some of their funnier segments!

Hell, I still enjoy doing this type of thing when a cheesy movie is on!
Here is one with the boys making mincemeat out of a training film for manners at the dinner table Enjoy!

I always have liked the mixing of magic and comedy. This guy does that mixing very well! The Amazing Jonathan has been around for longer than I thought! Here is a classic clip of him from 1983.

This might be kinda tough with all the controversy about Andy Dick and Jon Lovitz. I have always liked both comedians-maybe Andy a little better because he's I think he's a less one-dimensional, but whatever. If I put my two cents in (what do you all think out there?) I think its a little misguided to blame Andy Dick for Phil Hartman's death. (and for Brynn Hartman's actions and death.) I don't know, but Brynn Hartman was an adult. Yes Dick should not have given her cocaine-(if that's what really happened at the infamous party) and, he has said things he should not have about Lovitz and Hartman-(who I really liked as a comic also) when he was wiped out on drugs or drink. Hey, he has had many issues with alcohol and drugs himself, so maybe his judgement is off.

Anyway, trying to forget this current tension between the two comics, I would like to present a couple of clips of Dick (Geez! The guy's name lends itself to humor doesn't it?!) in parodies of Marilyn Manson.

With all the talk about Michael Vick and cruelty to animals I would like to present a somewhat fitting strange, funny little film created by Dan Piraro about our relationship with animals and who is better suited to be vegans or meat eaters. I know this has nothing to do with dogfighting, but is more about how we treat animals in general. Whatever your feelings about being a vegetarian or meat eater, (I do eat meat, but sometime ago, I tried doing a "variant" of vegetarianism, and lost a lot of weight and felt a lot more healthy than I do now!) this is still a funny little clip!


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MC said...

I haven't liked Andy Dick in a long time. He really rubs me the wrong way.

Micgar said...

Yeah i think he is definitely one of those comedians that you either love or hate-not anything in the middle!

SouthLoopScot said...

MST 3000 is the best! I recently just finished watching all of them from Netflix! I think it is best watched with others who get it as well. Some friends and I have done that a few times, great times!

Micgar said...

That was one of the best ways to enjoy that show! With friends! Because you and your friends could always add to the mocking that the show had, making it that much funnier!