June 10, 2007

Hey kids! Make your own damn comics! Then check out the comedians!

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great weekend! I am trying something new. I trying to make my own comic strips. Its something i have always wanted to do, but since i am not even a mediocre artist, it never worked out! I have posted a few strips that i created with a really neat site called http://www.stripcreator.com/. There you can easily make up your own stupid strips, just like i have done!

Here are a few more clips that i think you might enjoy. The first is from the Dave Chappelle show in which he hilariously plays a blind, black, white racist! (!)
Dave Chapelle - Black White Supremacist Clip » RealVideoSite.com

I thought that this little clip of an overzealous Paris Hilton fan (or was it a prankster-couldn't tell!) was funny. The crowds' admonishment towards him and the defense attorney's non-plussed demeanor is priceless!

Some classic Richard Pryor about the time him and Gene Wilder filmed Stir Crazy in the Arizona State Penitentiary!

A classic Ellen Degeneres standup clip:

I gotta have more cowbell! SNL BOC sketch.

Auto dealership ads on TV are so annoying! They always yell at you and say stupid things, then expect you to want to go their dealership and buy an overpriced car or truck. Well @$##%# them! This clip is a perfect satire of those ads. It has lots of adult language and its pretty crude so be warned!

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