October 26, 2008

Do the Wall Street Shuffle!

A perfect song to describe what happened to our economy! Too much greed, and too much deregulation of that greed! One of my favorite guitar songs-The Wallstreet Shuffle by 10CC. You can download it, or check it out here:


Before we knew that Barack was coming to ABQ, we had gotten tickets to go see Gordon Lightfoot. I know some of you may laugh, but I think he was/is? a pretty good guitarist/songwriter. Besides, he has been sick lately and this may be his last concert tour. Well, we went to the concert. Poor Gordon! Geez! He just isn't the same. I told my wife/relatives who went with us-if I could just put out of my mind that this guy was Gordon Lightfoot, I could take it. His songs that I didn't know were ok, but the familiar ones were just not the same. Anyway, later, after the concert we went to the local Flying Star to get a late snack, and heard from people who had been to the Obama rally that there were approximately 60K!! In the paper this AM, it said 45K, but our paper is like Fox News-print version! The news of the great turnout in this city/state that was supposed to be a big questionmark for Obama is great! McCain had a rally also in ABQ yesterday in the AM. Supposedly 1100 turned out for that!

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Some Guy said...

That's too bad. I hope the concert was better than the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Dr Zibbs said...

You sir have been tagged for a meme. See my blog for details.

Micgar said...

Chris-actually, I think I would have rather have gone to see Barack! Oh well-I am glad that Barack had a great turnout here in ABQ!

Uh oh! I wonder what the Good Dr. has up his sleeve!

Some Guy said...

In response to your question, I'm not sure if Google Reader is the same. You could always check it out. It's pretty easy to use.