October 22, 2008

Native comedy and a "what if?"

In looking for interesting standup, I came across a clip for the ill-fated Richard Pryor Show in 1977. This native standup comedian named Charlie Hill came on Richard's show and gave a little of the Native American perspective on life in America. Here is that clip and a more recent clip of Hill from the 2000's.

Here is something that you can send to a friend who is thinking about not voting in the coming election (I haven't heard of any of them thankfully, but just in case!)

I got this email from MoveOn with the subject "you're in this video" The body of the email said that on November 7, Obama's loss in the previous Tuesday's election could be traced to me not getting out to vote! (like that would ever happen!) It's a fun, funny video, well done and edited perfectly. Send it to your friends! http://www.cnnbcvideo.com/index.html?nid=GfssiENkntoD7cozAH_ODDQxMzQwMg--&referred_by=8428026-ERhQ_6x

By the way, isn't the newscaster that guy that I had posted Some Oldies but Goodies... and maybe you hadn't seenies? doing that great impersonation of Keith Olbermann? I am pretty sure it is, but tell me what you think.

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Dr Zibbs said...

I think the Indian should end each set with a tear. Like the pollution Indian from the commercial. Also, glad to see Bill Hicks on your header. I actually did stand up for a few years. Ages ago.

Micgar said...

Ha ha Zibbs! That WOULD be pretty funny! (Although I don't know if he would take too kindly for that comedy suggestion!)

Do you have any tapes of you doing your standup? I would like to be the first blogger to come into possession of these tapes.

bubbles said...

Hey, migar!

Sorry I haven't been around much. It has been a helluva few months, but I think I'm coming back to life again. (I hope, I hope, I hope!)

The new digs: abakabubbles.blogspot.com

Thanks for stopping by and sorry the post is a bit bleak to start... moving is a pain!

Micgar said...

Bubbles-it is nice to have you come by anytime! I hope you can "carry over" your old blog posts to your new one!

Grant Miller said...

Did you see the recent Onion article about Barack Obama getting annoyed by all the MoveOn emails he keeps getting? Pretty funny.

Micgar said...

Oh man! I just saw it now! It's perfect! That is exactly what they do! I get like, 10 of those a day! And lately, its been worse! I love the Onion!