October 22, 2008

Genre benders, exploding stomachs, and sniffing model airplane glue. In that order

I have noticed that there is a lot of "crossover" in some very disparate forms of music lately! The genre-switching is new and interesting! We probably haven't seen these kinds of musical twists since Run-DMC and Aerosmith melded! Wow! Take a look at these new releases from both RnB crooner T.Z. and Death Metal dudes Maggot Infested Brain:

T.Z.'s Disfigured Corpse EP cover:

T.Z.'s Disfigured Corpse EP back:

Maggot Infested Brain's new (self-titled) new CD cover:

Maggot Infested Brain's new CD (back):

We ate some tomato and basil veggie burgers and some really delicious seasoned oven-baked potatoes tonight. Man! That was good! It's just that I ate way, way too much! Almost like this guy from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life-one of my favorite comedy troupes and movies:

Classic standup- Lenny Bruce on the Steve Allen Show-1959:

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