June 2, 2008

New Music From Some Familiar Artists

I was perusing the CD stacks and found these lovely gems! I wonder if any of these can be found in your own CD storage cabinet? (click to enlarge)

Front cover of Charlie Daniel's new CD and the Back

Front cover of Kid Rock's new CD and the Back

Front cover of Ted Nugent's new CD and the Back

Montgomery-Gentry's New CD Front-and the Back


Tor Hershman said...

@ orginial Mp3.com moi had more Total Plays than George Carlin BUT the Owners of mass-media don't seem to dig moi's stuff


Moi wonders why.....not.

Stay on groovin' safari,

Grant Miller said...

Hats are back, man!

Micgar said...

Grant-I didn't realize it till you said it-yes-they're all wearing hats!