June 7, 2008

I admit: I am somewhat of a troll

I enjoy adding comments to sites when I come upon sleazy, stupid, untruthful posts or clips that are the work of ultra right wing individuals. I come across these sites not by my own choice, but through links from other sites. Even though it doesn't get me anywhere with these people, I feel that sometimes, a comment is necessary. I can't let it go. I respond to them and, using non-threatening language, without curse words, dispute what they are saying when I feel a response is in order. Oh ok! I admit-I only have left comments on Youtube, Liveleak, and the Young Americans for Freedom site, but if that is being a "troll," I guess I am. By the way, I actually would welcome righties to come to my site and discuss (like I do) stuff they disagree with on my site. Not that I have that much outright political stuff, but if people did, I wouldn't mind. I know that some progressive bloggers deal with a-holes that leave really stupid, ugly comments. I also know that these right-leaning commenters are not going to change how I feel. I don't feel that I will change how they feel either. It is just discussion. I feel better when I have said my piece. There are some statements and declarations by people that need to be responded to. I have to respond to Minutemen types on Liveleak and YT who say they aren't racist, and then call Hispanics scum of the Earth or cockroaches. I have to respond to people who make really dumb statements.
Like those at a site called Young Americans Foundation, an ultra-conservative youth foundation started to help save the Reagan Ranch and recruit youth to the cause of Republicanism. I am not sure how I came across the site-but I probably came across it through a Youtube link from one of Jason Mattera's hatchet job video clips. This organization is (to me) far right, with its heroes being Reagan, David Horowitz, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh etc. The spokesman for the group is Jason Mattera, who also is noted for doing the aforementioned videotaped right wing hit jobs on liberal or progressive politicians. Watch his clips on YT if you wanna get sick. Mattera would like to think he is doing investigative reporting but there is no investigating-just attack with half-truths, and outright lies. (I sometimes hear an Adam Sandler character when Mattera speaks! Am I alone in this?)
I have debated Mattera a few times. He wrote a ridiculous column about how youth are instinctively conservative. http://yaf.org/blog/?p=101 I disagreed. He wrote back, then strangely, (and probably indicative of the site) did not post my last comment that blew his crap right out of the water! I was the "leftist" (everyone is a "leftist" who disagrees with the site's stance on an issue) that was able to effectively, logically destroy his "core argument that young people are instinctively conservative"! (another weird thing is that my last comment appeared shortly thereafter, for a short time, but then disappeared the next day) I have sent several comments about why he/they would do this, leaving him with the last word, but no response. Lately all comments have disappeared and the rest of the text related to the clip is gone. Well, I guess it is "their" site. They can't debate without name calling and outright lying.
While trying to track down the missing page about the youth vote, I found a great response to the YAF drivel put forth by Mattera by Campus Progress' Erica Williams. Erica says it better that I ever could on a comment page!

Liveleak stuff: Billie Joe whatever his name is http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=41a_1212100569 says he won't drink Coors beer anymore and we should boycott it 'cause of Coors Spanish language billboards. There are lots of funny responses to his ridiculous idea (this guy is always complaining about liberals this and liberals that and Coors is one of the most far-right companies in our country!) mine was that from the looks of this video, he seemed to be heavily drinking some kind of beer to make such a stupid video!

Ok-enough of the political/social stuff!

I have always loved watching the silly 1950's public service message type videos like the ones found in the Prelinger Collection Internet Archive: Prelinger Archives in the Internet Archive. This is like one of those little films, but not really!

Atlanta public access tv-Penis Power( I hadn't been able to post some of these before, now the clips are back!)Alexyss Tylor seems to come across as some kind of feminist, but she seems to always talk about dongs.

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Distributorcap said...

isnt it amazing how the rightwing blogs cannot and will not tolerate dissention or a post that is against their agenda

many will not even let you sign up -- like lucianne.com -- which is filled with complete lunatics

their hate and their lies are getting so old -- and all they do is preach to the same choir. one can hope that most people realize the the gas from malkin, jonah goldberg, coulter and others cannot fill up their cars

you dont want to know what i want to happen to those folks

Micgar said...

Yes! A lot of them-esp the "bigger" rightie sites will not let you comment unless you have an account, password etc, effectively limiting any kind of dissension from their position!
I don't believe Crooks and Liars or any of the other "big name" left blogs do that. I know that I have wanted a couple of times to comment with a Malkin post, and lo and behold I should have known-its only open to Malkinites!
Actually I would like to know what you like to happen to these people-I probably have the same "vision"!

T&A said...

Trust me, you don't want any Trolls on your site. They are a pain in the ass! :)

Micgar said...

T&A-I guess they could be a nuisance-I know that you have had a few! I actually try to not be a nuisance just say what I have to say and that's it.