May 29, 2008

I love America

I was thumbing through my wife's People magazine and found a photo which inspired me, and left me in awe. It was a photo of America. America Ferrera. And I have to say- this other America is also very beautiful.

Extremely beautiful! It left me feeling...patriotic in a different kinda way. No, I don't want or need to have buttons with America's face upon my lapel. I will not write cheesy country songs about loving America. I don't need to have America's face bumperstickered on my car. Nor do I need to look for every little snively insult to America! Righting Wisconsin: Fat Chicks Hate Bush.

Oh, America how do I love thee? I would like to travel along your hills, valleys, and curves-('cause you know you got 'em!). I would like to explore America. A lot! America, your bountiful harvest would not go to waste in my hands. I would go North, East, West, and with this America, I would not be afraid to travel down South! Not in the least! This America knows what she wants! and she doesn't want Bush!
(maybe she wants me!?)

I leave you with some quotes that are about America.

My favorite thing about the United States? Lots of Americans, one America. ~Val Saintsbury

There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America. ~William J. Clinton

May I never wake up from the American dream. ~Carrie Latet

Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball -- Jacques Martin Barzun

Because of what America is and what America has done, a firmer courage, a higher hope, inspires the heart of all humanity.
CALVIN COOLIDGE, inaugural address, Mar. 4, 1925

America is a vast conspiracy to make you happy.
JOHN UPDIKE, Problems and Other Stories

In other more serious news...Harvey Korman, probably one of the most funny people in the world, died yesterday. I remember watching the Carol Burnett show when I was a kid. I loved that show! Kormans' brilliance was that he was able to keep the gag going and improv when he and the others couldn't make it without laughing! Here is a couple of clips of one of Korman's and the gang's funniest skits on the show. Harvey, you will be missed! I thought he was funny in everything he did-from the C. Burnett Show to History of the World!

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Distributorcap said...

the dentist skit from Carol Burnett is one of the funniest pieces EVER in the history of television......

korman was a funny funny guy

we dont have people like him anymore

Micgar said...

Dcap-I know! One of my fondest memories from being a kid is watching the Carol Burnett Show with my mom and dad. I know that might sound kinda weird but we watched those kinds of shows together! It was that kind of show!
Who will take the kind of role that Korman had in sketch/variety show history? I can't see that being filled with anyone right now,although that type of show is sadly gone by the wayside.

Grant Miller said...

God bless America.

Micgar said...

Grant-yes-I am loyal to America. I don't think she would give a ^%$* about me though, of course!