August 12, 2007

Comics and comedy for the taking

Here are some dumb comics for you to enjoy. I don't know how I thought of the clown thing. Weird.

Don Asmussen is syndicated cartoonist out of the San Francisco Chronicle. I like the "Oniony" style he uses! We usually don't get to see our city's newspaper that features this cartoonist's unique work. (we have a subscription to the city's crappier, more right-wing paper-we're thinking of changing!) Anyway, I think he does some great, funny stuff.
Here's a few of his latest cartoons:

Some classic comedy with Flip Wilson, from the Flip Wilson Show. I remember staying up as a kid to watch the show with my parents. We loved it! He was funny guy!

Flip with Leonard Nimoy!

Who could forget Geraldine. I knew a Geraldine in high school, but she sure didn't act like this Geraldine!

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