August 16, 2007

Get on all fours

I got tagged by Chris of Some Guy's Blog . I have really, really enjoyed his blog so far, and I just discovered it recently! Good stuff!

I guess for this tag, I am supposed to list things in groups of four. Don't know who might read this, since its seems a little slow around here. (see my last post). Guess I am just feeling a little sorry for myself. Boo hoo!

Oh well here goes:

Four jobs I have had or currently have in my life:

1. Printed Circuit Board fabricator-worked at this place for four years, starting almost right after high school. I sanded the copper coating on the boards down smooth and then dunked them in various cancer-causing chemicals. I also did riveting of belts that had sensors on them so that they could be used for training during "war game training." This technology firm was probably one of the worst of the far-right firms in the '80s i had heard of. Two examples of their "far-rightiness": they were one of the few tech firms that actually wanted to and desired doing business with South Africa at the time of Apartheid. They seemed to be proud of this. (we would have monthly meetings and the general manager mentioned that they company would not be swayed by massive public opinion. They also dumped a horrid mix of chemicals (instead of doing disposal the legal and probably to them expensive way) into a large pit and the broth of deadly chemicals (these guys also refused to stop using trichlorethylene a known carcinogen even though other chemicals would have done the job) seeped into the groundwater. They were found out and had to clean it all up as per EPA guidelines. Needless to say, I was happy to leave that company and go off to the local university!

2. Dishwasher at a Mexican restaurant-yuck! Not too good-its amazing what people leave on their plate! We would scrape all that leftover crap off into a big barrel and then this guy would come every week or so to take the barrels to feed his pigs!

3. Waiter at a Mexican restaurant-not too bad-the tips were pretty good when I was earning money for tuition!

4. Preschool teacher for developmentally delayed children

Four Countries I have been to:

1. None other than Mexico-and that was Juarez!




Four places I would rather be right now:

1. Bahamas-enjoying the weather-its hot where we live, but I think it would be a nicer hot over there

2. Canada-actually seeing some of those cool mountain vistas would be great right now!

3. Italy-I dunno-just thought it'd be cool to go there!

4. Spain-My cousin and his wife who's from there-live there and it would be great to visit them!

Four foods I like to eat:

1. Pizza-the thin crust-fancy schmancy kind and the New York style both!

2. New Mexican food-not Mexican food but this sub-type! It really is different!

3. Greek food-we have this neat little Greek diner near the University and the food is so good!

4. Salmon

Four personal heroes-past or present:

1. MLK-I know people always say Martin Luther King, when asked to name a hero, but he really is a hero to me. The fact that he used (and continued to use) non-violent protest even when those who were against him were beating him, berating him...that's someone to look up to.

2. My dad-he had a great knowledge of many things-science, nature, math, philosophy, art...the list goes on and on. I miss having that advice and hearing his answers to my questions about life.

4. I know this is a group and not an individual, but any person in the military or politics who changes their lives, takes a different path and risks it all for the greater good. Ron Kovic comes to mind. Scott Ritter is another. These guys individuals or as a group are very brave.

Four books I have read or are currently reading:

1. Fair and Balanced My Ass-by the same guys who brought us Sweet Jesus I Hate Bill O'Reilly, Joseph Minton Amann and Tom Breuer.

2. A+ Certification All-In-One Exam Guide-Sixth Edition-(I'm studying to try and become a PC Technician-I just need to pass one more exam!

3. Republican Like Me: Infiltrating Red-State, White-Ass, and Blue-Suit America - hilarious account of a guy who went "undercover" infiltrating various right wing groups and his accounts of the kinds of banter between him and the individuals involved.

4. Extra Nutty! Even More Letters From a Nut! Ted Nancy-if you haven't seen this -you should! This guy send crazy letters to companies with these outlandish requests and statements, and the company reps (that actually write back) send these often incredulous-sounding letters back to him! Just the fact that he gets a response to his inane letters is amazing!

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Chris said...

Great job! Those Ted Nancy books crack me up! Good to know you despise O'Reilly as much as I do!

American Scot said...

Nice to know more about you! I agree New Mexican is different then Mexican as far as the taste. I prefer the NM version!

You got it! I'll have something by the end of the weekend! Thanks for the challenge!

Micgar said...

Hey thanks guys! I appreciate my blogging pals like I do my "in person" friends!

Micgar said...

American Scot: Yes- New Mexican food is just different. It (Mexican) is more exotic- cow tongues, mole, etc while NM food is like my mom's enchiladas, tamales, etc!

Anonymous said...

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Jay Cam said...

lol i like pizza and mexican food too!