July 1, 2007

Kathy, Kevin, Triumph, and strips. Sounds dirty.

Hi friends of comedy and humor! Hope your weekend is or was great! Mine was ok but I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to install a drip irrigation system. That was a pain in the butt, but, (ha ha) now its done and there's just a little fine tuning to do with it. Today I am going to post some comedians, one or two Triumph clips, and some more of my comics-I know they're stupid, but hey, they're an expression of my artistic side right? Let me know what you think! Even if you think they are absolute garbage!

The first clip is from a comedienne who I really like. This may be a controversial statement because from what I have heard, you either love her, or hate her! Kathy Griffin! I guess I really like her. I like the way she tells her stories about her interactions with the rich and famous and screwed up people she meets. Her sense of humor is great! I have been watching her show, "My Life On the D-List" on the Bravo channel and I can't believe the language she gets away with without them bleeping her! She's one of those comediennes that can make crude language funny though, unlike some other comics.

I wonder what you all think of her. Let me know. In fact, let me know who you think is your favorite comedian/enne! I'll let you know right now, I was never a fan of Sam Kinnison. I just don't think yelling in people's faces and making fun of starving people in Africa was funny. I don't like the "blue collar comedy" guys either too much. Carlos Mencia is horrible, but Joe Rogan is too. I can't stand anybody who makes fun of those who are the most defenseless-the terminally ill, and people with special needs, especially. Let me know who you like as a standup comedian.
Also let me know what you think about the comics strips I have "drawn."

Ok, ok, enough already! Where's the first clip!?

Kathy G talking about Mel Gibson, Barbara Walters etc.

Kathy on Ryan Seacrest and American Idol

Whitney Houston etc, etc.

Kevin James is a pretty darn funny guy on the "King of Queens" and he seems to be a pretty good standup comedian too!

As i had promised a while back- a few classic Triumph clips for your amusement.
Triumph outside the Michael Jackson trial.

Triumph vs Star Wars geeks

Part 1:

Part 2:

With all the controversy regarding Ann Coulter recently, I couldn't help but add my two cents worth. (And another generic strip).

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MC said...

Kathy Griffin is so underrated as a performer.