July 2, 2007

I have been tagged!

American Scot at http://americanscot.blogspot.com/ tagged me to write a post about 5 things I do to stay positive. This all comes from High Vibes at http://www.optimistlab.com/.
I've never done this before man...! ( i feel like Cheech Marin in that one movie!)
anyway... Here are 5 of the ways I keep myself positive:

1. I like to listen to music-all kinds of music, but when I am down, I like to listen to "heavy" music. I know that sounds like an oxymoron-that heavy music like Iron Maiden or the Scorpions would get me feeling more positive again, but I think it is more like coffee with a child who has ADHD! The coffee is a stimulant that makes the kid with ADHD calmer-with me the heavy music makes me chill and calm down a little. You would think soft, or happy music would cheer me up-no! Weird!

2. If I am down, I like to go for a long drive. Possibly to a mountainous area or in the countryside. That usually gets me feeling more positive, and clears my thoughts.

3. I talk things over with a family member-my wife, my son, my mom etc. When you have another perspective on life, especially the people who really care about you, it really makes things clearer for you.

4. I recently did something really dumb financially (no it wasn't gambling!) and lost some money with a stupid mistake! When I realized that I had done this, I really stewed over it for a long time, until I remembered that there are people who are way, way, in worse shape than I ever have been. I know that this can be a cliche, but when you are thinking of yourself and your troubles, stopping to think about others who really have it bad can put things in perspective!

5. I'm with American Scot here: I think "pet therapy" can really help to bring one's positive vibes up! When I play with our dog for a while, it sure makes my mood better! We have funny looking dog that is half Pug, half Chihuahua, and maybe some Pekinese! (don't ask me how that came to be!) Maybe because she's so silly looking and cute, but anyway, our dog can help with the mood!

There's my 5 ways to get more positive!

Now I will tag these fine blogs!
1. http://casualslack.blogspot.com/

2. http://rantocracy.blogspot.com/

3. http://foryourentertainment.blogspot.com/

4. http://www.saynotocrack.com/

5. http://www.tallfreak.com/

Tag-you're it! Here are the rules!

Hope you are up for the challenge

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tallfreak said...

Thanks for the tag! I put down my cheer-me-up list also. :)

Karl Wolfbrooks Ager said...

I commend you for your sincerity.

Cardin said...

Hey there!

Great list! Thanks for playing the High Vibes game!

Feel free to refer to the original instructions for the game at:


Can't wait to see which posts, from the bloggers you tagged, you submit to "high Vibe it"!

Cardin Lilly Routh

Cardin said...

oops! Looks like that link got cut off. You can certainly access it through that link to the ipopin site that you mentioned above.

It would be great though, if you would include the link to the original directions for the game in this post (just click on the link at the ipopin site, and you'll have the link right there in your address field)--it'll help the people you tag play, and help fulfill the main intent for this game, which is to help promote the "high Vibe it" site (you can link to that, and read all about it, through the instructions page at OptmistLab).

Thanks again for playing!

Cardin Lilly

Jen said...

I'll do this tag
next week when I'm back from Vacation


American Scot said...

That's awesome! So you have a Chug? My neighbor has one. She is a little scrapper!

Micgar said...

Yep-she has all the chihuahua traits though-yapping, nervousness-good watchdog, and nice but she's skittish. She does have those funny pug/pekinese teeth though, and those popppy eyes! I guess she's cute!