June 3, 2009

New Music News and Other Crap

While Dick Cheney has been hitting the talk show circuit in earnest,he also has been trying something new lately-music! Yes, Dick has decided, what the heck-he was gonna go for it, and try doing a little rapping. He always knew he had it in him.
This is the front and back of his debut offering-"Jus' Dickin' Around"

I have always liked the show Just Shoot Me. We even got a DVD of the series a few years back. One of my favorite characters was Kevin, played by Brian Posehn. The guy was born for comedy-just look at him! Funny delivery, voice, looks-you can't go wrong with that! I hadn't realized he was such a funny standup comedian. (NSFW)


MC said...

There is a dude at my local Blockbuster who looks like he could be Brian Posehn's brother. Seriously, it is freaky.

Micgar said...

Matt-for some reason, I could see a guy who looks like Brian P. working at Blockbuster...I don't know why I could see it, I just can!