May 27, 2009

Ok....what the hell are you people after!?

This is kinda freakin' me out, ok?

What are you people looking for?! Tell me! I have been looking at my Sitemeter readings for the last week or so, and for some reason a bunch of people have been looking at this archive: It contains a response to a tag from Jen at Casual Slack, an Onion News video about Nascar, a dumb poem I did about flying like a bird, a thing about Adam Levine, and a dumb thing I did about Obama and Hillary before the Primary.

Could it be the Adam Levine thing? Some twisted people trying to find pics of him? Can't be my stuff. The Onion thing can be found on Youtube proper, so that's out. What the heck is it?! It's driving me nuts since these visits just seemed to jump all of a sudden.

Let me know-are there some Adam Levine crazies out there? Most of the time I can tell what caused the jump from my usual say, 10 daily visits to maybe 50-60. Not this time. But I do have suspicions it's you Adam Levine nuts. Am I right?

I saw this funny guy Andy Borowitz' stuff on the Huffington Post, a little while back, and from then I have been hooked on his funny stories! I subscribed to his zany little news reports. Check them out, and get a free subscription-these news stories are funny as hell!
Crazy, screwy, somewhat Onionish, (but probably sometimes funnier) observations about our world today that's for sure! Here are a couple of his recent items:

Cheney to Travel Around Country in Sound Truck

Gingrich: Pelosi Not Good Enough Liar to be Speaker

This new one kills me:

Harassed By Photographers, Susan Boyle Dons Disguise - Borowitz Report

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