November 15, 2008

This is sick! And you're sick for viewing it!

You may have heard of the "goatse" - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia thing before (if you do check other links regarding goatse out-be careful it's pretty nasty stuff! This link's safe) in your Internet travels. Recently, I was on Crooks and Liars and I saw an ad for Obama that looked strangely like a goatse kind of thing. I have not doctored up this photo at all! (it may still be up at CnL!) It's probably just happens to look like a "goatse thing," but I could be wrong-Karl Rove could be at it again!

Below is a "goatse" type photo about as "safe for work" as I could find:

And, below the weird Obama thing that I saw. I know the picture is referencing Superman, but still... I found it when on this great post from the excellent site Jon Swift Jon Swift: Obama’s Disastrous Gaffe-Laden Press Conference which contained this link William Ayers (that takes you to a great TDS clip.)

What the hell happened to Victoria Jackson from SNL?! I had liked her on SNL. She always played the ditzi blonde, but damn, I don't think think this is an act! People, I think she could have gone off the deep end! I am going to just post a link to her website and let you take a look. (scroll down a little for the strange poems and her thoughts on Obama's Presidency!) At first, I thought it was a prank-it's that bad! I am still not completely sure that this isn't some kind of parody, but based on her description of her beliefs, I am thinking it's unfortunately not a prank.
Victoria Jackson

This guy has a question for all you men out there: (listen for both parts)

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