November 12, 2008

Here is a funny phone call that was recorded on the Jimmy Dean Sausage Hotline. Download the damn thing if you want, or just listen.

3 Things that bug me:
1. That turntable needle scratching the record sound whenever someone says something crazy in different commercials. That shit's old-it has to stop!
2. That nerdy-voiced guy (kinda sounds like Ben Stein) that voices all the fast food and young people type ads in that monotone voice.
3. Sam Waterston-I never liked his character on LaO. I always loved it when the alleged perp was proven innocent! Yeah, Jack! In your face, dipshit! I have hard time even when I see him in a commercial, I kinda like hate the guy, you know? Not really, he just irritates me for some reason-guess its the LaO character.

Two phrases I find funny:
1. "mangina" -I find this phrase to be hilarious-it just sounds funny, and the thought of it coming to fruition (better watch how I word that!) is also the height of funny!
2. "vowel movement"-as in "ahhhh, eeee, iiiiih(?), ohhhhhh, uuuuuhh-sorry, I just had to make a big vowel movement." sorry, that's stupid, I know!
Speaking of bowel movements: My mom is always afraid of saying anything "wrong" or "improper." So when she's talking about my son going to the restroom to "make #2", instead of coming right out and saying that, she will say "...then after he ate, he needed to go have a 'BM', so he left the table." I tease her and say something like "What, he had a 'Brian Mulligan?" Or, "You mean he needed to have a 'Brian Martinez'?"!!!

I know you may have seen some of these before, but I was reading the newspaper the other day and saw some funny married names, and thought I'd post some:

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