November 19, 2008

Music stuff

I enjoy checking out guitar clips on YT and one of my favorite people to check out is Justin Sandercoe: Here's his website, in which there's a link to his blog: Free guitar lessons - He's a cool London-based guy-I like the way he describes the lessons and he's just seems like a guy you'd have a beer with while jamming some blues songs!

Recently, I was on his channel and came across some odd comments to a video he did about a finger dexterity exercise. There is one comment that is at once a little comical and maybe a little touching. (The one about hating God) I like what the other guy ends up suggesting!

(Click to enlarge)


I don't know how anyone can listen Don Imus for too long. Not only can he say some racist crap once in a while, but, that voice! It sounds like he's chewing on frogs while trying to speak! It kinda reminded me of that voice Billy Gibbons uses on La Grange-you know- that "heah heah heah heah" thing.

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