April 9, 2008

Too late for love?

I know. Valentines Day was way back in February, but I just found some clips that deal with love and relationships in a pretty humorous fashion. Besides, we should not think about that special someone only one month a year! Especially with these two clips! They kind of remind me of some clips I posted quite a while back by Lev Yilmaz from his Tales of Mere Existence series Tales of Mere... and maybe some of the stuff by Don Hertzfeldt I feel sooo Rejected! , (although certainly not as dark and violent as his thoughts on relationships!).

Anyway, I love this sort of dark, cynical, but funny animation! I found this first clip My First Crush on my wife's Etsy site. (shameless plug: my wife is selling her jewelry on her site http://www.lavendermoonjewelry.etsy.com/ -check it out, and my sis in-law is also selling her rather unique purses there too!)

My First Crush created by filmmaker Julia Pott, is actually not a rolling on the floor hilarious clip, but a sometimes tender, touching little film, acted out by funny animal characters, of real people's crushes, based upon interviews. More info: Julia Pott has got a crush on animation

This next clip is something I saw on blogmate Matthew Caverhill's blog, Culture Kills...wait, i mean cutlery. I saw I Guess You'll Do and thought "This is perfect!" Thanks Matthew! It'll fit alongside the other clip! This one is more cynical. It's narrated by a woman, but obviously from a dude's perspective and it's more a statement about what guys think about marriage. "Ehem...uhh...not all guys, honey!" Slap!

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Grant Miller said...

This is how my wife and I will spend our Friday night date this week.

T&A said...

That last one is hilarious! So true in many aspects!
Give's one pause to reflect upon the insignificance of our lives. (well for the most part) :)

Micgar said...

Hey Grant and t&a ; we can't laugh too hard our wives will kill us!