March 12, 2008

Dischord in the newsroom, troublesome humor, and napkin music

Gee whiz I'm glad I get along-(generally) with my co-workers! These guys will probably beat the crap out of each other in the parking garage after work!

I have always loved Troubletown! The way Lloyd Dangle draws his characters with their constant scowls is funny enough, but he also seems to often have some insightful takes on today's politics! Here is his observation of how the news media deals with Obama vs McCain:

On the Troubletown site there are some kinda cool little things you can do-like ask Alberto Gonzalez a question, see who will fill the great Reagan mold, and some funny drawings from his sketchbook, and the Troubletown blog: Welcome to

We all need a little break from our super serious world every now and then. Some of us will read...some listen to a good comedian...some listen to music. Yeah, music- sweet, sweet music. How it can soothe the soul! This is just cool. A musical about an available napkin! I have posted some of Improv Everywhere's skits before-I really like them! I think the reaction on people's faces is great when the actors begin doing their stuff! The people eating and doing whatever they were doing at the food court seem to enjoy this kind of musical theater!

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T&A said...

Talk about unprofessional! I wonder if these two got their asses chewed on by the station manager?

I like the new look!

Micgar said...

t&a: Strange to see that happen on tape, and actually not be edited out! Yeah their boss probably gave them hell!

Grant Miller said...

I love that news clip. Beautiful.

Micgar said...

Grant: I love that-I am so glad that it was captured for us to get a laugh!

Mathman6293 said...

I put you on my blogroll and I memed you. Hope you don't mind.

Micgar said...

Oh, Mathman-I don't know-I don't have too many t-shirts, but I'll try. The other req's are ok-I can do those!
Oh-thanks for the link-got you on mine too!