October 5, 2008

Nothing much...

Hey folks. Been really busy with work lately, and haven't felt like posting much anyways. I have been watching more TV news shows lately-interested in how things are turning out.
I haven't even been visiting other blogs very much lately. I want to get back into it soon! I need to catch up though, at least on my dumb comments sometime soon! So blogmates-I will be seeing you soon!

I was wondering what Fox News was lying about earlier, so I turned the TV on and saw the typical barbie anchor giving a report about Sarah Palin's jabs at Obama's acquaintance with Bill Ayers at a rally. The other anchor then said something like "...in the interests of fairness, since we already spoke with Obama's campaign manager, we now have Tucker Bounds, John McCain's campaign manager."
Now, if Fox News was actually fair and balanced, like they claim to be, this wouldn't be the punchline it is. I mean, come on! This network has been hammering away at Obama for every little thing ever since he was jumped into the race. They have had guest after guest, and show after show try to smear and malign Obama's campaign. To say that they have even tried to give airtime to Obama in a positive manner is truly insulting. And Fox "News" is truly a joke. (I know, I know-that's not groundbreaking news) I actually managed to laugh a little at the inanity.

Also, I just need to say something. There is a lot of divisiveness in America right now. As a progressive/liberal person, I see a lot of that divisiveness coming from the right-the right in our country is on alert right now, trying to play catch up now that Obama's lead in the polls is growing. Looking at comments in the blogs-Liveleak, or Youtube, it is clear that some on the right are afraid of a black President, even one who is, in my opinion, not very liberal at all. I would characterize Obama's platform and beliefs as a moderate to even conservative Democrat. I am more like a Kucinich (or more!) Demo, but I do think Obama would a great President. He would take us light years away from the mess we are in now, that's for sure!
I know that there are some on the left who say dumb things that can rub people the wrong way, but I think the right in this country is reactionary-(I guess that's why they are called reactionaries). Everything is a harsh, negative , and sometimes outright threatening reaction to change, or new ideas.
I was watching Fox later in the day, and guess what? They have hired Mike Huckabee to host his own show! Only on Fox! Fair and Balanced-yes indeed. Mike Huckabee!
It even shows up (a little) in one of my son's kids videos. Just recently, he had a birthday, and received a Veggietales video. Veggietales is produced by a conservative christian company, but I had never heard of anything, or thought that the company would be brazen enough to fill these particular movies with rightie beliefs that showed that particular bias. I was wrong. I was watching one of the movies with my son the other day, and an old west character was narrating, talking about traveling in the West, and he says "Indians" and then quickly corrected himself and said "oh, excuse me!" "Native Americans!" Personally, I don't think my Indian friends or neighbors mind being called Indians. I use that term. It was the way the character in the movie-a old west Yosemite Sam-like character- said it that got my goat. It was said in a snide, condescending way. I know this may sound silly to some, but taken with all the other crap, it gets to me sometimes. All this rightie claptrap!

Tina Fey does it again:

Nicholas Gurewitch's Perry Bible Fellowship has always been a favorite of mine!

I have had Don Asmussen's Bad Reporter comic on here before also! It's great!

I hadn't had any of Derf's The City comics here before! I am sorry that I hadn't!

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Dr Zibbs said...

Please start your dumb comments on my blog.

Ichabod said...

I'm not sure whether or not it is the rightie beliefs that are fault as much a their adherence to their own beliefs.

Those who preach the loudest, like less Government, lower taxes, no child left behind and "Christian" values end up doing anything but.

I am not a religious person but not all that Christ taught was bad or wrong in any sense whatsoever. Love, humility, helping those in need are noble aspirations.

Like the righties and anyone else who talks the talk but for some reason has trouble walking the walk.

Micgar said...

Ichabod-thanks for stopping by! I agree with you about Jesus' teachings. I am not a believer, but I find it very disconcerting when a person who says that they are following the word of God does nothing of the sort-no compassion for the poor, the sick, always pushing for war before peace, being anti-gay when that person is gay themselves, etc, etc.
Hope you come by again!