August 18, 2008

Super Comedy!

When I was a youngster, I used to stay up late and watch the Late Night with David Letterman with my parents once in a while. I liked a lot of the skits and guests that they had on the show. One of my favorite guests was Super Dave Osborne, the deadpan stuntman whose stunts were less exciting feats of precision and daring, and more often hilarious tragedies! I couldn't find any of these clips on YT until just recently, and I am glad I at least found a few! Geez-I didn't know that "Osbourne's" brother is Albert Brooks! I like Albert Brooks a lot also! And I didn't know that their real names are Albert and Bob Einstein!

I tried to find more of his inane stunts but couldn't find them. I also thought his interviews on Late Night with DL were pretty good-couldn't find any! Here is a "non-stunt" clip that is kinda funny.

Have you ever gone to a thriller type of movie and, because it tries to be "twisty" and surprising, the storyline is shot to hell!? The plot? What plot?! I swear sometimes a movie can have so many plot twists and turns that you end up more confused and pissed off that you just spent a good chunk of change on admission on the crap you can't believe you just spent the good chunk of change on! This little sketch satirizes that kind of thriller's plot pretty good! I've posted some of these guy's skits before-Derrick Comedy with (Special Agent) "Tom Rogers Must Get His Daughter Back"

* Next post I will have more excerpts of Jerome Corsi's Obama Nation book!

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Dr Zibbs said...

For being Albert's brother. He's a dope.