August 10, 2008

Bernie Mac-October 5, 1957-August 9, 2008

I shoulda posted this before the last one. Bernie Mac, who I felt was one of the funniest comedians around, died yesterday after suffering from pneumonia. The guy had great delivery, hilarious facial expressions, and a raw sense of humor that mixed observations of family life, differences in cultures/races and autobiographical stuff that was just plain funny!
I guess I can understand how the Obama camp might not have wanted Bernie to get too raw at a recent fundraiser. I think the media made too big a deal of it. Obama apparently didn't get too upset about it. George Lopez, another favorite of mine, had to be careful to not do his full "FTP" routine at another Obama fundraiser!

I don't watch that many TV shows , but my wife and I thought the Bernie Mac Show was one of the funniest. It was too bad FOX cancelled the show. There have been a few shows that break down the "fourth wall," but his show took that device to new levels with Bernie communicating his thoughts about the show's events in an often hilarious, and sometimes touching manner.
He's gonna be missed.
Here is a clip of his standup:


Grant Miller said...

I never saw his TV show, but I thought all the comedians on the "Kings of Comedy" tour were great. Plus he was a Chicago guy so he can't be all bad.

Micgar said...

Yeah Grant -it was a pretty good show. Those comedians are all pretty good-I think I have that DVD. Yeah I wish I/we could go to Chicago sometime. My cousin moved over there and he's always telling me about the great music, stuff to see and do.

Dr Zibbs said...

Sad day indeed.

Micgar said...

Hey Zibbs thanks for stopping by. Yep-Bernie seemed like an all-around good guy.