July 17, 2008

T&A: Gonna miss you, man!

T&A (from Aye!/Americanscot) announced recently he was closing his blog! I was shocked! T&A was one of the first guys I got on my blogroll and he checked out my site in the beginning. I loved going to his site, learning something new, checking out some of his cool photos and/or venting about some post in a comment. We also found that we had some commonalities with family members having autism and of course, our beliefs about politics and religion. He's going to be missed! He said he was going to visit his blogmate's sites, and comment, so T&A, I'm holding you to that!


WendyB said...

No one should be allowed to close a blog without a vote by all readers. So there.

Micgar said...

Wendy-I think you're right! In fact we should have a vote to MAKE T&A come back! Thanks for dropping by!