July 19, 2008

Michael Savage is utter slime!

As a parent of a 7 year-old child with autism, my wife and I (and our family) know autism is very real, and what effects it has on our son! I just got this alert from the autism listserve I am on. Man! I always knew that Michael Weiner Savage was an unhinged dipshit who seems to have been horribly abused in childhood to always be so cruel, mean-spirited, but this just proves it once and for all! You won't believe this! He claims autism is a fraud, and insinuates that it's diagnosis is caused by absent fathers and parents being too lenient and sensitive with their children! He also claims that since minority children with asthma get benefits for the condition, asthma symptoms are faked to receive said benefits!
We are calling our local right wing station tomorrow AM (that happily picked up Savage after the other local right wing station dropped him) and voicing our anger for them giving this piece of crap a venue to spew his sludge from! I am asking if you can, do the same. I believe in freedom of speech, but these radio stations need to know that Savage's hateful spew is not wanted, and that most people don't like this garbage! Thanks if you can call!

Information on where and who to call (how to find the local station in your area that airs the twit and how to call the station manager) about Savage:

You can also call or contact more directly:




Some Guy said...

I saw this yesterday. What a complete scumbag! I will be sure to do my part. This maniac's views do not need to be broadcast to millions of people.

Micgar said...

Thanks Chris-I appreciate that! The response to this has been good! Still, some people don't know because a lot of people can't stand listening to the creep. I can't!