July 11, 2008

Books, Books and More Books

My wife and I have always enjoyed reading, and I think we have passed that love of reading on to our son. He is now reading books and he loves to show how well he can read. He has a "ton" of great picture books for his 7 year-old imagination: Books like Way Out In the Desert, Somewhere in The Ocean, and Over In the Garden by Jennifer Ward, the How Do Dinosaurs ....books by Jane Yolen, and of course, many Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle titles.

I was sitting here the other night, wondering what might have happened if some "rogue" children's book authors tried to go to their publisher with some book ideas that were not so savory! By the way, I'm just kidding!

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Anonymous said...

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Micgar said...

anonymous-your mention is the first I had heard of the guy. Checked it out-pretty funny guy!