June 13, 2008

SNL revisited

From looking at my Sitemeter Referrals and other data available on my Sitemeter page, it seems like Saturday Night Live-related humor is popular. I get most of my hits from that Penelope clip that I link to (which is surprising being that all the other Penelope links got pulled!).
Well, I am trying to please people who come this humble site. I am posting a couple of clips of a couple of my favorite comics from the later era of the show- Will Ferrell and Dana Carvey. They were two of the few funnier people on the show, in my opinion.

If you have been watching the NBA Championship games-(go Celtics!) you have seen the commercials featuring Ferrell's Jackie Moon character from the recent Semi-Pro flick. (I didn't see it-how was it?)Here's a couple of versions of this commercial.

The Old Spice ads were great too! Here are a bunch of "takes" that are pretty funny!

Dana Carvey was (and is)a great comic also. With all the talk about John McCain resembling a grumpy old man, here is one of Carvey's best skits!

MySpaceTV Videos: Saturday Night Live - Grumpy Old Man

Have a great Father's Day weekend! Happy Father's Day to all those fathers out there!

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Grant Miller said...

He did one of those during the Super Bowl, I believe. I've not seen the movie, but it's on pay-per-view this month so I'll check it out.

Go Lakers. I only say that because I prefer seeing a series - any series - go down to the wire. I really have no dog in the competition which drives my wife nuts. She'll ask "Who do you want to win?" And I'm like "I don't care, I just want to watch a good game." Drives her nuts.

T&A said...

Love Will Ferrell, hate the Celtics and the Lakers.
I haven't watched one tick of the clock...

Micgar said...

Grant -I just want to see a good game too-I guess since there are a few more guys on the Celts that haven't won it, I was rooting more for them.

T&A: I bet you like the Bulls huh? I did too when they were the "dream team"! I was for PHX actually but they sucked this year!