October 8, 2007

Been Caught Stealing

*I'm stealing a couple of clips I saw on Because I Was Bored, one of my blogmates. He has some pretty funny clips-check them out!

I hate telemarketers. I love to answer and give false names like, "Hello, this is Mark Gisselpoip" John T. Crissmuelahoff, or I even make up a language! Sometimes I do something like "Hello! Domino's Pizza, can I help you?" Most of the time, I/we don't answer if we see the telltale caller id, but sometimes, (especially when they've really been calling a lot and some can be more persistent) I get in the mood to give them a hard time. With my luck I will probably mess with someone who is trying to give away some money! Nah! Probably not!
This audio clip is a royal telemarketer payback! This comedian, Tom Mabe tommabe.com/ really does a number on this poor guy! I kinda felt sorry for the guy by the end of the clip!

Here is a clip about another poor guy who wants to do himself in, but he is very unsuccessful!

I made a reference to Kanye West a while back c3fun.blogspot.com/2007/09/some-quick-thoughts.html but now, after seeing this clip from his appearance on SNL, I'm gonna give him a little more slack. At least he can make fun of himself. Does a pretty good job too!

Geez! I better stop here! There's too much stuff to steal! This is perfect! I love this! Newsroom film gaffes and miscues have always been a good source of humor, but this one is pure gold!


Semaj said...

That Prank call one was great. I love how the telemarketer changes his tone when he realizes his talking to a cop.

Micgar said...

Semaj: Isn't that a classic!? Man-I would love to do that!