June 6, 2007

Standup and be counted! Wan! Wan little obscene Sesame Street Parody!

Hey everbody! Hope you have all been enjoying the videos and the comics (well, comic-i promise to have more of those later!)
Today i have a few unique comedians who you don't hear about often. One is Demetri Martin, from the Daily Show. I love his type of humor-literate, strange, and ironic. Here is a clip from the Clearification site http://www.clearification.com/ Lots of funny audio and video clips of skits with Demetri here.

Another comedian that i really like is Norm MacDonald. I like his delivery and the subjects he discusses are sometimes mundane, but the way he describes them is very, very funny! Here is an old classic clip of his standup.

Here is a funny clip of comedian Don MacMillan regarding the use of Powerpoint for presentations

Sesame Street in Da Hood-this is definitely not safe for work!

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