September 26, 2009

When Comments Attack....They're Hilarious!

This is quite possibly the funniest, silliest, and most ridiculous anonymous (I've only gotten 3 maybe-since I started) comment I have ever received here! It is amazing in it's simplicity and stupidity at the same time. Whoever you are that penned this great prose in honor of your hero, Thanks! I was trying to find stuff to post, and I think your comment will do for a bit. It's incredible-Thanks again.
The post that spurred "anonymous" to submit their eloquence upon thee. Or thy.
Oh look. It's a ghost. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

you are the idiot ghost are real i hope you get a close look at one some day and shit your pants and second zak is the hotest guy out there your just a wee bit jealouse that he has all the girls talking and we dont even know who the hell you are!


Anonymous said...

This is the absolute funniest thing I've seen all day! I totally agree with everything you said about these paranormal shows. They are the dumbest, hokiest things on TV (next to the rednecks fist fighting on Jerry Sringer.) I don't watch but my 30 something daughter does. These idiots go out looking for ghosts and when they hear something they say, "What the hell was that?" I can't help it, I laugh every single time! Oh well, it beats Jon & Kate Plus Eight!!

Micgar said...

Jean-thanks for commenting! Yes- I tease my wife for watching Ghosthunters. Every show-it's the same thing-"oh man! Did you see/hear/feel that?!" Then quickly cut to a commercial. When they get back to the show-its a shadow, "some cold feeling" or "something touched me" I laugh at loud at these and sometimes she even laughs-its so silly!
Oh-Kate and Jon? I never have even ventured to watch that! That's pure parody material right there!

WendyB said...

Oh, wait, I forgot to sign my name to that??

Micgar said...

Wendy-I didn't even know you had commented-I forgot I had set my comments to moderated-I kept getting spam! Anyway that is too funny. Someone obviously is too much of a fan of that ghost show!!