November 4, 2008

All I can say is "Wow!"

I have just watched all the news accounts of Barack Obama being elected 44th President of the United States! I am just blown away by this historical precedent and so happy that Americans in droves have chosen a leader who I think will lead us down a better road.

People didn't fall for the near constant smears, innuendo, and outright lying from extreme right talk radio and TV pundits. They voted in their best interests, I believe.

For me, as a progressive Democrat, while I fully supported Obama it was with a little trepidation. While I may have sometimes felt Obama is definitely not, as the far right said, the "socialist" or "radical leftist", and actually a moderate and sometimes somewhat conservative Democrat on some issues, I still think Barack Obama will make a great President.
I am proud that my country has come together to elect a great person to lead our country and show all of us and other countries that the American people can come together for common good.
Phew! Sorry that sounds a little too "politician" for me but I mean it!


Some Guy said...

I've felt the same way, Micgar. His more centrist and sometimes conservative leaning concerned me. Now I'm excited to see what he'll do. It was a great night.

Micgar said...

Yeah-I am also excited to see what will be the first "executive order"!
I wish that the Dems would have had a filibuster-proof # in the Senate, because you know that they will try to hamper and aggravate him at every turn, but overall, I think Dems swept the hell out of everything-they swept all the races here in NM-(Thank Goodness!-we had some really, really far right wackos running)!