September 1, 2008

News you can use(?)

Here are a couple of news stories that need your attention!

Make your own silly newspaper clippings! (only thing was there was about a 50 word limit)Create your own newspaper clippings

Hey! what can say!? I love The Onion! Home The Onion - America's Finest News Source Both the print and the Internet edition with it's great video clips are definitely more bang for your buck than a night at the local comedy club, watching some guy not make you laugh-once! I have a few of those Onion "anthologies" and I find that if I keep going back to the even the well-thumbed through editions, I always find something I missed!

This is good news! The show 90210 is back with all new actors! Pretty much the same old show as the original one it seems, according to this billboard I saw recently!

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Grant Miller said...

On South Park, they called that one guy "Token."

Micgar said...

Hey Grant-gonna have to check that out! Only SP can satirize something like that so well!

Some Guy said...

This comment is actually in response to a comment you left me recently. I was thinking the same thing! You have no idea how close I came to putting "Yakity Sax" in the video (Benny Hill theme)! I was about to buy it from iTunes when I decided to leave it like it was, but it woulda been good.