July 24, 2008

These 3-eyed monsters are huge!

Here are our triops-all grown up! (sorry about the kinda blurry pics-they move around a lot, and I couldn't get good closeup photos!) Don't know how much longer these guys/girls will live, but I know that they don't live much longer than 20-90 days. That's on average. These triops are at least 30 days old. (click on the photo to see the little weirdos!)



Speaking of wild animals...Can you imagine the clawing he got!? (*you can download this one at link below the video if you want)


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Distributorcap said...

what are triops
am i that ignorant

Micgar said...

Dcap-No-I didn't know anything about them either till one month ago! They are these little ancient crustaceans that have outlived the dinosaurs! They have been found to have been around since prehistoric times. They are one of the few (or the only?) creatures that can lay eggs and the eggs get dry, then when the eggs get H20 and the temp is right, they can hatch. They have many legs and use them to swim and move food up from their tail area to the mouth! They have three little eyes hence the name. Strange, but interesting creatures! My son loves watching them swim around!