June 29, 2008

A surprise candidate!?

Gee! I am just blown away by this news! I had read on Grant Miller Media that Grant had taken his name off of lists for various awards. Well, it looks like Grant has decided to devote himself entirely to a run for the Presidency! I would be one to support Grant's bid for the White House. He would be a President who could make us laugh as he guided our country. We would laugh with him as he delivered speeches involving butt humor, we would giggle about his descriptions of different kinds of raunchy sex antics, and we would laugh about Milton Berle's whang! His speeches would be clear and concise-hell, contrary to the President now in office, he would actually be able to pronounce words from a speech!

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Falwless said...

Go Miller!

Micgar said...

Hey falwless-Another supporter?

Grant Miller said...

I will not campaign if nominated. I will not serve if elected.

(I will. I totally will.)