February 27, 2008

Nascar: It's a sport.

With the ever popular Daytona 500 race over and done with and with the UAW Dodge 400 scheduled to begin soon, I thought we could take a serious look at the athleticism, and strategy involved in this sport. Yes, there is an entirely different kind of athleticism and strategy from other sports. Nascar athleticism involves repetitious and highly individualized movement of the participant's musculature, in such a manner as to cause the vehicle the participant is manuevering around the track to move real fast. Let's look at a clip of a Nascar coach describing the strategy, training and preparation involved in this sport. Wow! This kind of strategy and training is something to be admired in a sport!

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Grant Miller said...

If I was more patient, I think I could get into the physics and science involved in NASCAR and find it interesting.

But as a sport? Nah.

Micgar said...

Grant-I dunno-that would take some real patience!