September 26, 2007

I'm Blogging against "information" abuse. I'm also blogging for funny videos

Ok -I was asked by Angelda Vinci to post a topic against abuse- which could be any type of abuse- .
I chose "information abuse"-the abuse by the predominant news media sources such as the major network news corporations and the print media that attempt to skew and slant the news, and misinform those citizens which it professes to serve.
By and large, the Internet and blogging in particular has helped to quell some of the misinformation, bias, and outright lying that has gone on for quite some time now that the Bush administration has fostered that kind of reportage-(see Fox News, Jeff Gannon, Armstrong Williams, etc etc.)
People have turned to each other for diversity in opinion and news that does not have the slant favoring the rich and powerful. There are a couple of institutions that have worked to work for truth in news reporting while examining the subterfuge that our big news corporations and their mouthpieces spew.
FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) is one of those great organizations-operating on a shoestring budget, they do the best they can to examine the news for bias and misinformation. I am proud to say that I have been a subscriber to their little magazine Extra! for over 10 years now. I also try to listen to CounterSpin their weekly radio show, whenever I can.
Another great anti bias, pro-truth organization that is online is MediaMatters For America I really like this site and try to check out the clips and articles at least once a week.

I am also blogging for funny clips. This guy Jake Byrd is a prankster that has been seen on the news a lot lately. I had featured a clip of him for the Paris Hilton lawyer's press conference a while back but this clip is too much! Here he is at the OJ lawyer's press conference. Nabbed this from TallFreak (hey Chris- thanks for another great link!)


Chris said...

I'm with you. At the very least, blogs and internet news have acted as a check for the MSM and I think their influence grows with each instance where they're right and the MSM is proven wrong (or out of touch). Nice post.

Micgar said...

Chris-thanks for stopping by! I always have to check the "alternative" news sources because I really don't trust the MSM anymore.

American Scot said...

The MSM gets it wrong most of the time. They either disregard an important piece of information, or just don't follow up enough on a lead.

Thank goodness for the Blogosphere!

Micgar said...

the Blogosphere is where we as progressives can turn to when we don't trust the MSM.
I can be sure to get all viewpoints-right AND left there! (and all those in between!)